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CANYON Battery charger for portable device 10000 mAh (Dark Grey)

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CANYON Battery charger for portable device 10000 mAh (Dark Grey)

DescriereBattery charger
Capacitate baterie10000 mAh
Produs de baza(1)Portable devices
Culoare la exteriorDark Gray
Lungime0.24 m
Produse returnabile aflate in garantieYes
Criterii de validare a garantieiSerial Number
Termen de garantie12 month(s)
Warranty Term NotesThe warranty period for the battery is 6 months, 12 for CIS & other countries, 24 for EU, You may also have other rights under applicable laws governing consumer goods depending on your country. We hereby confirm that those rights are not affected by this Limited Warranty
Adancime pachet111 mm
Grosimea pachetului36 mm
Inaltime pachet203 mm
Greutatea bruta a pachetului0.35 kg
Bucati in pachet1
Adancimea cutiei390 mm
Latimea cutiei237 mm
Inaltimea cutiei223 mm
Greutatea bruta a cutiei8 kg
Pachete (colete) in cutie20
Packs per Pallet1680
EAN Code8717371864170

High capacity Power Bank 10000 mah

Canyon makes sure your battery won’t run out when you’re on the go. The 10000 mAh portable Power Bank is the perfect way to charge your cell phone or tablet when you can’t get to a wall outlet. Its capacity enables it to fully charge a smartphone for 3-4 times or a tablet twice. The LED indicators let you know how much power is available. With two USB ports, the Power Bank can recharge two devices simultaneously, without being tethered to an electrical outlet.

• Capacity: 10000 mAh
• Approximate quantity of full charges for an average smartphone: 5
• Output: DC 5V 2A (max)
• Input: DC 5V 2A
• Intelligent battery display
• Dimension: 141.5x62.6x23.8 mm


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